Home Renovation Trends for 2024

At the start of last year, we predicted our home renovation trends for 2023, So once again we are challenging ourselves to predict the home design trends that are set to be big for 2024.

A big theme for this year is going to be sustainability. It’s all about making our homes more energy efficient, and building with more sustainable materials.

Read on to find out more.

Don’t move improve

Affordability could still be an issue for those wanting to move this year, so we think homeowners will continue to stay where they are and make improvements to their existing property so it works for their family and lifestyle.

Expect to see more extensions and conversions to create more space in the home.

The trend to create an open family kitchen will continue, and as homeworking is here to stay, home owners will also be looking at ways to make space for a home office.

Ogivilly Square

Maximising the outdoor space

Most renovators want to create a greater connection between their indoor and outdoor spaces so there is a seamless flow between the two. This could be a dining room that flows seamlessly to the patio, or a living room that opens out to the garden.

We think things are set to go one step further as homeowners really start to consider how they want to use their outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing and leisure activities. This could lead to a greater demand for outdoor kitchens, or a separate garden room to create a home gym or studio space.

Creating an energy efficient home

So we all know that new builds are incredibly energy efficient, but what about those homeowners who want to improve the energy efficiency of their property during a home extension or renovation project?

Well this is where retrofitting comes in, which refers to any improvement work being carried out to improve the energy efficiency of a building. It can include improving the fabric of the building with greater insulation for example, right up to replacing energy sources with renewable energy systems.

Expect to see more property owners starting out on their retrofitting journey this year as we try to become more energy efficient, and reduce those pesky energy bills.

Retrofitting is unique to each property, so it’s important to work with an independent adviser to understand what measures will work for your property. We have partnered with Energy Audits UK to provide this independent service. Check out our blog for more information.

Highly functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces

Family life is busier than ever, which means the family home has to work harder to accommodate everyone’s needs. So expect more multifunctional spaces and clever solutions to enable families to make greater use of their space. For example, a playroom for the children that also includes an area for homeworking or study.

This is where space planning is key. We can work with you to create a functional layout and optimise the space within your home.

Kitchen extension internal view

Smart Homes

Technology is revolutionising everything, including our homes.

Homeowners will be looking to invest in technology that provides them with the ability to control the temperature, lighting or security of their home via their phone or tablet into their renovation plans.

Think more smart lighting systems, smart thermostats, and one of our favourites…smart security to detect when residents are near and open gates and doors for them.


Will you be taking on any of these trends? If so, do get in touch to see how we can help.